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Online Nokia 3.1 | TA-1063 Remove PassCode FRP - Gmail Online

18 September 2022
  1. Please, power phone OFF, press and hold "Vol-" button and connect USB cable.
    Searching for a phone. Please wait...
    Found phone on COM21
    Port name: MediaTek USB Port_V1632 (COM21)
    Detecting Chip Version...
    HW Chip: MT6755: 0326.0000
    HW Version: 8A00.CB00.0001.0000
    HW Chip: MT6750: 00001C46
    Brom Version: 05
    BootLoader Version: FE
    Sending auth...
    Searching Download Agent...
    Selected DA: MTK_AllInOne_DA_v3.3001.2017-12-29.16:29_398885, n.14
    Sending Download Agent...
    DA sent successfully
    Initializing DA...
    Synchronizing with DA...
    Mobile Status: SYNC
    DA ver: 2099.3.3
    Mobile Status: brom
    Sending BootLoader Info...
    Initializing Memory Flash..
    Initialization successfully completed
    Sending loaders...
    Mobile Status: SYNC
    Reading Flash Info...
    EMMC rpmb size: 4 Mb
    EMMC boot1 size: 4 Mb
    EMMC boot2 size: 4 Mb
    EMMC gp1 size: 0 Mb
    EMMC gp2 size: 0 Mb
    EMMC gp3 size: 0 Mb
    EMMC gp4 size: 0 Mb
    EMMC user area size: 14910 Mb
    eMMC Flash: .15010051.4536334D.42030BE5.96304581
    eMMC Flash: Samsung: QE63MB
    Internal RAM size: 256 Kb
    External RAM size: 2048 Mb
    Reading partition...
    Reading info...
    Brand: FIH_GSI
    Model: GSI-00WW
    Device: ES2_sprout
    Android version: 9
    Display ID: 00WW_3_25H
    Factory Reset...
    Formatting User Data section
    Factory Reset is successfully performed!